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We have buried the putrid corpse of liberty.


17 June 1986


  • Laura
  • female
  • 21
  • liberal
  • an animal-lover
  • shy
  • amused easily
  • a fangirl at times
  • a writer
  • anti-war
  • an Oregonian
  • happy when I'm home
  • a fan of lots of music
  • a traveler
  • a musician

My journal is friends only.

I'm all up for getting new friends, but if you add me, please email me to let me know where you found my LJ -- I don't know why I wouldn't friend you back, unless I didn't know where the hell you came from. ;)

My header was made by theboysgonehome for meeee. Yay!

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Days until Bush leaves office.

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1920's, accents, alan rickman, alan tudyk, amélie, badly drawn boy, band of brothers, barenaked ladies, billy boyd, billy collins, billy elliot, black&white photography, bones, books, calvin and hobbes, cary grant, cats, celtic music, clark gable, classic films, csi, dancing, danny kaye, dead like me, dead poet's society, dominic monaghan, due south, dvds, eddie izzard, edward gorey, ella fitzgerald, ellen degeneres, elton john, er, eric szmanda, europe, ewan mcgregor, fairy tales, felicity huffman, felix nussbaum, films, firefly, foreign music, funeral blues, garlic, gene kelly, george eads, george gershwin, german, get fuzzy, gillian anderson, giovanni ribisi, graham norton, great britain, greg sanders, guys, harry potter, history, hobbits, home, ireland, italian food, jack lemmon, james stewart, jamie bell, jason mraz, jazz, jim henson, johnny depp, josh charles, kate winslet, kieran culkin, kitties, languages, life is beautiful, lord of the rings, lost, lotr rps, louis armstrong, lyrics, m*a*s*h, monaboyd, monty python, movies, muppets, music, musicals, mutts, my friends, newsies, oregon, oscar wilde, pasta, pearls before swine, photography, piano, playing the piano, postcards, pro-choice, procrastinating, quotes, rain, rainstorms, reading, reboot, remus lupin, renaissance fair, rent, river phoenix, roger davis, rowlf the dog, saxophone, sean biggerstaff, sesame street, shoebox project, singin' in the rain, singing, sleep, snow, something corporate, south park, sports night, starry night, strong bad, supernatural, the beatles, the black donnellys, the boondock saints, the hobbits, the marx brothers, the muppets, the producers, the usual suspects, the west coast, theatre, they might be giants, tracie thoms, vagina monologues, veronica mars, w.h. auden, wallace and gromit, werewolves, wonderfalls, words, writing, writing in the rain, x-files


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